By switching from plastic water bottles to our re-usable stainless steel bottle, you can help save the environment from hundreds of kilos of plastic waste per year, and save yourself hundreds of pounds too.In the UK we use an average of 35 million plastic bottles a day, and we only recycle around half of that, leaving 16 million bottles to be wasted each day – that’s over 5 billion wasted plastic bottles per year!

Left as litter these plastic bottles take hundreds of years to break down. They pollute our rivers, cause serious harm to our marine life and wildlife, and fill our already packed landfills. We need to change this. And we can.

A typical 500ml bottle of water costs between 50p and £1, so if you buy a bottle most days you will be spending between £90 – £182 over a 6 month period, and £182 – £365 over the course of a year. Our 500ml bottle costs £30 and you can use it over and over again for an eco-friendly solution. (Our bottles also give you a massage – but that’s another story!)


1 MGP Roller Bottle
Cost £30

1 plastic water bottle a day
Up to 365 plastic bottles a year
Cost 6 months: £90 – £182
Cost 1 year: £182 – £365